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Door fit


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Alright guys, so I’ve started to replace panels currently doing the outer panel at the back (over wheel arch) and the outer sill under the door. I think I have managed to get the panels positioned quite well, the line on the panels and doors line up and the curve of the door matches well. The door has a nice line running parallel to the under sill. However the door runs out a little at the bottom, it’s had a new skin put on by someone else. So my question is, 

Do I try and readjust the panels I’ve put on? 

Knock the bottom of the door in to match the sill? 

Wait to have it sprayed and feather it out with filler? 

Thanks for any help 

(top picture showing matching curves)

(middle picture good match on lines)

(bottom picture, the door sticking out at the bottom by a few mm) 

It can’t be an adjustment issue with the door brackets as rocking the door would throw the top curve and lines out. 


Thanks again! 




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Looks like the bottom of the door needs to go in at the front too? As far as the rear lower corner goes, bringing the front upper out will also tip that in. Think diagonals.

Failing that, doors sometimes twist when reskinned. You can twist them back provided they’ve not been welded at the corners.

Patience rewards...... worth taking the time to get the right. Far too many out there with poor fit

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Make sure the lower flange of the outer sill does not end up pressing the sill structure up: Flanges on the new floors are not as wide as original.


Joined a while ago, but havn't introduced myself yet, sorry. 

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Thank you, your right Nick about the front I haven’t tacked the top edge of the sill yet. When it’s pushed down in place the outer side of the sill goes out slightly. That gives a flush finish on the front door edge. I will check the door tomorrow. JMH are you saying that the edges of the Luther sill don’t match up to the inner sill as in the top edges should but up together? I’ll take a pic with the door open. 

Cheers guys 

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Before you start welding the rear wing to the b-post (striker plate), make sure you have enough room for door cards and rubber. A common error too (pressing the wing in) :-)

Don't expect the new panels to be right - flanges on the new floor pans not deep enough (notice that the bottom corner of the outer sill should not end up flush with the edge of the floor pan - see drawing). New inner sills often missing some mm of the top flange too.

Nice boots btw :-)


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