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  1. I have done a few - often its the ground (internal) wire, soldered to the casting, that comes lose. Take care when you assemble the casting: Using pop rivets with care; its very easy to break the plastic housing.
  2. Yep 🙂 /Jens, Copenhagen, Denmark
  3. @wimpus I might have a used pair of later boot lid hinges, free to a good home, but postage might be expensive. In Copenhagen, Denmark. PM if nothing else turns up.
  4. Is this usable? SKMBT_C35210082415530.pdf
  5. Make sure you have the lock, door cards and trim on before you weld. Never had that issue with OE sills, but lots of warped doors though! Then - remember sill will go further down than the floor section; but new floor pans only has about 1/2'' flange
  6. Yes. And no. Don't remove the paint, if its e-coat, it will be a very good protection. Remember outer sill needs to be further down than floor pan/inner sill - see drawing:
  7. Good bargin! And yes, the one in DK is way to expensive: Tried to negotiate the price, but seller wouldn't listen...
  8. One for sale in Denmark - original item, rust free (seller well known in the danish triumph community). http://www.veteranposten.dk/visAnn.asp?Id=279187 (Sit down before you reed the price - one pound about 8 dkr.)
  9. 2. row - 3. from right: Holding cable to starter motor from solenoid to top bulkhead panel (just above gearbox tunnel) on my mk 3 spitfire :-)
  10. Yep, but worth more than a halv £, so would guess still an expensive washer? :-) /Jens - Copenhagen
  11. Before you start welding the rear wing to the b-post (striker plate), make sure you have enough room for door cards and rubber. A common error too (pressing the wing in) :-) Don't expect the new panels to be right - flanges on the new floor pans not deep enough (notice that the bottom corner of the outer sill should not end up flush with the edge of the floor pan - see drawing). New inner sills often missing some mm of the top flange too. Nice boots btw :-)
  12. Make sure the lower flange of the outer sill does not end up pressing the sill structure up: Flanges on the new floors are not as wide as original. Joined a while ago, but havn't introduced myself yet, sorry.
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