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GT6 MK3 Reverse lights - no gearbox harness !!!


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Hi All.

Following on from my Nightmare Electrics post below where lots of good advice was posted (thanks all),   I have managed to get everything working except the reversing lights.

Having checked the fuses and the wiring and bulbs at the rear of the car I decided to remove the tunnel (need to come out anyway)  to check the reverse switch connections.....only to find no wiring to the switch.  I understand the circuit and can make my own new harness but my question is ........where is the gearbox harness connected to ?  I can see any unused connectors under the dash.

The only spare connections I have found are:

1) black wire by passenger door A  post. Round female bullet connector.

2) 2 female round bullet connectors under bonnet just above fuel pump.  I have not yet checked the colour of these or shorted them together to see what happens.





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Gearbox harness connects to a couple of bullet connectors near the fuel pump, on a spur from the main harness as it passes down the bulkhead to the chassis (or along the valance on some). There should be a green wire and a green/brown. If you have overdrive, the green also provides power for that.

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They're on the bulkhead, coming off the main wiring harness where it lies along the top, and then go in over the top of the bellhousing (so I suppose close enough to the fuel pump as Rob says.)

I'm presuming you don't have overdrive, as the O/D unit in the later cars takes the power straight from that, so if you don't have one, you won't have the other.

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