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Triumph GT6 distributor


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Hello everyone, once again I need some advice please.

I have a problem I have an engine without a distributor, looking in the manual it has that a MK2 GT6 should be using a remy 202. Trying to get one has proved difficult can it be replaced with an alternative? 

Thank you 

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For some reason the factory fitted  GT6s with Delco Remy202  units and Vitesses with Lucas 22D6.  They both do the same job and both have the mechanical drive for the tacho. The unit from the Vitesse Mk2 would give the best matching characteristics. Not that the Lucas 22D6 with tacho drive are especially common either.

Alternatively, if you are not fussed about retaining the mechanical tacho drive then the field opens up further with much better availability.  Many Lucas distributors of the 22D6, 25D6 and 45D6 families will physically fit, and can even be bought new quite cheaply, though not necessarily having the right curve.  However, you can get this sorted by a a number of companies including  H & H and the Distributor Doctor.


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Also the clamp base can vary in diameter depends on make and model evolution 

Very few oil the upper bushes in either make but delco suffer more bush spindle wear due to lack of lube if you are looking at used .

Club shop sell matched spec dizzy as do many others   accuspark are economical but no idea of reliability 


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