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Pitted cam followers


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Just pulled my cam after about 5000k to fit a different one and find four of the followers are pitted.

This is obviously because the engineer resurfaced the old ones and declared them good to use.

There is no damage to the cam shaft.

The question is can this damage on the followers cause a ticking noise like a loose tappet.



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15 hours ago, Pete Lewis said:

Agree and also check the   bores in the block  if worn these give tappety noises you cant resolve


Thanks Pete and John, splains a lot. The engineer alos ground the outside, said they were too tight.

I purchased a new set for the new cam.


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Agree about bedding in, but never seena supplier - er - supply one.

I'd say, cam lube on the cam lobes and base of the follower, engine oil or graphogen on the follower sides.    Fill the followers with oil to provide splash to bore walls from first start.

A first start-up, be sure that oil is reaching the rocker shaft.  Running the engine with no spark plugs, until you see oil pressure and delivery to the rockers can help.

Run the engine for a minimum of 20 mins, no load, varying the revs between 1500 and 3K all the time.



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In the mid-2000's I bought a set of standard followers from one of the big suppliers for my 4A.

Half of them would not fit in the block.

Back at the shop I explained the situation. The counter chap brought out a box from the stores with about 100+ followers in - all clattering about.

I measured all the followers and put them in groups of 0.0005" and took my 8.

The counter chap swept them all into the box. I mentioned to him that putting them in sized bags would have been a good idea - nothing happened. Brain not engaged.


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