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Vitesse MK 1 wireing loom

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I doubt if you'll find a wiring diagram that shows the route, but it's simple enough, if the Vitesse is anything like the Herald - along the rear of the dash, down into the passenger footwell and along the groove in the floorpan, under the middle floor reinforcement and up the inside of the B post, then across the rear wheelarch. There are clues everywhere with grooves and metal securing clips to hang it from in the rear wings. If you need photos I'm sure we can oblige!

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Goes along the passenger, left, side engine valence to the front via bonnet bar. Nothing behind the heater some wiring to solenoid and starter runs across the top front of the transmission tunnel below the front of the heater.

Update the brake pipe from the master cylinder runs behind the heater.

My car is a 68 Mk1 2L if some pictures would help.



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