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Mk2 Vitesse rear bearing end float

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Hi I’m trying to set the correct amount of end float on my Vitesse rear bearings. There were know spacers or shims in there so I’m starting from scratch. I currently have .155 spacer in there and there is clearly to much end float so I’m going to fit a thinner one. What is the best way to measure the amount of end float. I’ve read canleys way of doing it but can’t grasp what he means. Is it a case of build it up dry and just have a tiny amount of end float then strip it and grease bearings. Thanks.

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trial and error  to find the float is likely,  you are trying to get the assy to have no pre load  and less than 0.002" float

ie the bearings are clamped up in a neutral state

you may have to assemble tighten check and repeat 

i would get some float and remove /resize shims till the float disappears, then add 0.002"  and re check

simple way to compare any pre load is wind string around the hub and pull it with light spring balance . 

take the readings  more pre load the weight goes up  less it comes down , 

its hard to detect the small float ,  if you can fit a wheel or similar you get a better idea 

im guessing   you dont have a dial indicator  ????


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I used the Canleys method, assemble dry and check end float which I did by “ eye” ie minimum end float . One side went fine the other took several goes to get right. Not saying I’ve done the end float correctly though this was 2500 miles ago . Fingers crossed .


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