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Herald 13/60 window winders


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Hi All,

Since owning my Herald, I have never been able to wind the side windows down all the way.  Both sides come to a firm stop with about 4" of glass still exposed.  Whilst this has never really bothered me I would like to get it resolved whilst I currently have the trim panels removed.  The winder action is smooth and nothing appears wrong with the mechanism.  The doors have been apart at some point so I suspect that the regulators might have been swapped and installed in the wrong doors.  Can anyone confirm if this is possible, and if so would it cause the issue I have?



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To Close this one down.

Last night I bit the bullet and swapped out the window regulators.  I can now confirm that having the wrong regulator in the wrong door does indeed prevent the window from winding all the way down.  Evereything now working fine, and the job wasn't half as awkward as I was expecting.

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