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Multi meter and possibly a timing light


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Just working through my old tools to see what I kept and what still works.

I had a Halfords multi meter which appears to have died, anyone recommend something similar?

i have also found a gunson digimeter 320 which appears to work so would I be correct to assume everything I used the Halfords one for the digimeter will do the same but with a digital display? (Can’t even remember buying / using the digimeter as I preferred the Halfords one)

Also my old Gunson timing lights appear to not be working so I will have a fiddle with them but I may also be in the market for a new timing light.




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I’ve now found all the old stuff, it’s been packed away for best part of 10 years, there’s an old colourtune kit, a gunson lo-gauge, an ezzibleed kit which is incomplete and a carb balancer; so all in all not too bad I guess. Just need to see what actually works and if it doesn’t is it fixable.

I’ve found 2 timing lights 


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Ditch the old analog one anyway - much more delicate and slow to respond.

Nice one that Gunsons, you do not need the AC Volts or capacitance scales that many multimeters have.    A rev counter and dwell meter might be very useful!


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Always liked analogue meters a flick of the needle is more noticeable than a digital display.

Most meters have at least one battery which l would check after long storage.

Might also be worth checking the dead one for any internal fuses.



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