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"Top" topics not appearing

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Hi, I didn't see a post about this so thought I should chime in. Surprised no one else has noticed? Or maybe they did?


Either way, this is a bit difficult to explain.


If I've just created a post in a forum, then go back to the forum directory, I can see the post on the right hand side in the "most recent" bit, but when I click on the forum it's not listed there. So I can only access it via the main directory on the "most recent" box. This happens for every forum, whichever post is at the top of the forum can only seemingly be accessed via the "most recent" box on the main forum directory, it does not appear on the actual forum until it is no longer at the top of that forum.


Very odd!

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Select "Custom" from the bar at the top of the forum, and then "Sort by last post", "order decending Z-A", "tiframe show all", and tick the "remember filters" box.

You will have to do this for each forum section.


The easiest way to view is to use the "View New Content" link at the top of the page, and then select the time period from the menu at the side of the page.

Any behind the scenes global changes have to be made by the Forum Admin (Simon Morgan) its not something the moderators can do.

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Might be worth asking Simon to look into it.


I only suggest that because I use a lot of different forums and this seems to be the only one that doesn't sort by "recently replied to" by default. When a topic is replied to, it should jump to the top of the forum it belongs to. This is how every other forum I've ever used operates.


I'm a prolific computer user and forum poster and it confused even me for a moment. I'm worried it may actually put people off posting if they post a topic only to seemingly have it "disappear".

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This is getting vrey annoying, every time you have visited a topic and then go back to the general section it reverts back to the old order and you have to sort by date again, every time!! 


I've now found the back end settings to change the default.


Now when a category is browsed, the default setting is for topics with the most recent postings are listed first.

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