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Need new bumpers for a 1978 Spitfire

Jeff Seltzer

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I don't think you can get new/reproduction ones in chrome/steel, but they are available in stainless. If you want chrome type, you need to find straight used ones and get them re-chromed by a quality re-chroming place (get recommendations first would be my advice)

With the 1500 spit, you need to check what sort of number plate lamp you have, the early, all-in-one, or later type with 2 small lamps.

This is one supplier:


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I think clive means "what sort of (rear) number plate (light) you have" - but you can fit the earlier 'bar type' lamp to one of the later bumpers, you just drill new holes for the 'bar type' light and it covers over the late 'twin button type' lamp holes.


Personally I ended up going stainless and can't say I have any regrets.  They are the Harrington ones (Mk IV/early 1500 'bar type' lamp) but bought through Paddock's as they were actually slightly cheaper than buying from the manufacturer.  On my car I found they were both a little wide, so needed 5 or 6 thickish washers on the wing bolts - but I wouldn't like to say how much that's an issue with the bumpers and how much an issue with 46 years of repair and 2 body restorations.

They aren't out-and-out as mirror reflective as freshly chromed bumpers - but are a hell of a lot better than the average, slightly tired chrome bumpers and cheaper than rechroming.

The only issue I did have is they use a really odd thread for the captive nuts and I think I had to very slightly elongate one of the wing bolt holes (though again as likely to be a wing positioning issue as a bumper fit one).

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