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Newbie saying Hi

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Hello All,


I have just signed up to the forum as I am hoping to enter into the world of owning a classic car in the near future.


I have been on the search for a Spitfire for some time but as yet the right car eludes me.  I have got quite despondent at times and feeling a little flat at the moment as I have been messed around quite bit thus far, although I am determined so my search continues.


Last night I drove a total of 6 hours to view a car, I was happy with it and was going to proceed with the sale.  Unfortunately the owner wouldn't accept cash and the bank refused to transfer the money as he was a new recipient and not authorised by my bank.. thwarted I drove home again!


So if any of you lovely people are thinking about selling or know of anyone then this is what I am after.


Triumph spitfire, any age. I love the Spitfire 4 MK1 but sadly I can't afford one. I would like something that is ready for the road to use this summer before putting her in storage through the winter and doing any further maintenance. 


Preferably 1500 


I absolutely love the royal blue and have seen one being sold on this website and eBay.. again its out of my budget at the moment.  I have 4k to spend and all the darker blue seem to be 5.7 upwards. Definitely prefer the darker colours..


I don't mind if it needs a little work and accept it wouldn't be mint at that kind of price but Im not looking to do a complete restoration.


Apart from the obvious rust issues of sills, floor pans etc is there anything else I should pay particular attention to when viewing ? 


Thanks in advance 


Shelley x



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Welcome Shelley,


good luck with your search, i'm sure you will eventually find the right combination of price/condition - i confess that i have never heard of anyone unwilling to accept cash, was the ink dry? ;)


sills, floors as you say, always worth checking plus wheel arches, door-bottoms and the important chassis areas particularly near suspension mountings.


..... Andy

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Hello Shelley,


I did the opposite, bought a Spitfire 1500 after months of research and looking and drooling over magazines, papers and TV shows! I joined TSSC only Thursday.


I have seen a few about but I really struggled with anything in budget. In the end I bit the bullet and increased what I wanted to pay (and went over that!) but I definitely did the right thing and after 3 days and half a tank of fuel I am pleased I flexed the budget now.

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