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GT6 MK3 starting problems

Alex Lowe

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So my work on the GT6 has continued and for the last 3 weeks iv been rebuilding all brakes and other tasks. I completed these tasks today and went to start the car for the first time in the three weeks to nothing. The ignition lights on the dash come on but nothing the stater motor doesn't even click or try to turn the engine over. so im at a bit of a loss really the battery is all charged and I think the ground cable it tight enough although slightly frayed. The only thing I can think of is I did some grinding paint back in the foot well could this dust be affecting the ignition switch perhaps?

Any help with this situation would be really helpful


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There were going to be three points but I see you've charged the battery...so two things:

Your solenoid may be duff - turn the key and listen for a click as it engages; if not, try a substitute, or make sure your ignition key is still connected, no wires have been pulled off, and that it works as it should. Follow the wires from key to solenoid and make sure they're connected at both ends. If you were working in the footwell I suspect you've pulled a wire out of something, if your key is down by the steering column.

You can also bypass the solenoid with a jumplead or the like straight from the battery to the starter terminal - make sure the car is out of gear - and if the starter spins then that's the fault.

If the started doesn't turn, or is weak, then it's an earth problem or the starter itself on the way out.


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