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Positive camber problem.

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I am currently rebuilding my J C Midge.  Triumph small chassis based.

 The original instructions suggested swapping the turrets round to be able to move the engine etc further back. This worked well for the original build (1986), but now, with a complete rebuild on another refurbished chassis, I am finding excessive positive camber at the front...

 So far, I have popped in 5 shims on the bottom wishbone brackets and it is still reading 6 degrees plus.

I am tempted to pack it out until I have the 2 Degrees needed, then make up solid steel or aluminium spacers. Hopefully there will be enough meat on the through chassis fixings to do this...

 I would welcome any thoughts on this. 

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Mark, don't forget to set the castor too.

You may need to use longer bolts for the wishbone brackets (jon wolf sells them, but you will have no problem making them) and yes, use a solid spacer, or solid plus a shim or 2 as required. Much less chance of working loose. 

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Ok, problem solved....   I was reading my Gunsons guage incorrectly. Oops.  ( i didn't calibrate it properly..)

 5 shims gives me just under 2 degrees, so may remove 1.  

 2 shims on the o/s gives just under 3. so will add to that side

Castor to be done next.

  Thanks John and Clive!

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