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gt6 Oil leek

Alex Lowe

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Hi all 

My Mk3 seems to have developed a small oil leak from the rear of the engine where it mates with the gear box cant quite seem to pin point its origin my two guesses are the sump gasket and rocker cover gasket as both seem wet. 

Bit of info about the engine the car as far as im aware before i purchased the car last year it had been off the road for 20 years but before this had been tuned i believe several times by companies of the time. Now running the car as a rolling restoration iv done very little to the engine apart form an oil change as it sounds so sweet not sure if this is the best thing with its unknown history and this leek that has appeared. 

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Leaks from the rocker cover gasket are not uncommon, especially if it's been allowed to "dry out" from the engine sitting for a long time. Also, because it's at the top, any oil that does leak from there gets all over and looks like it could have come from anywhere.

Of course, sump gaskets also leak fairly frequently, particularly if the bolts have been "gorilla'd" so that the flange isn't flat.

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well lump of timber and mallet  is the normal rendition to de dent the cover , 

on tight...use plain nuts spin down to touch then a couple or turns should seat the gasket which can walk out of its weedy retainer , you may need to glue it to the cover 

so just finger weight on the spannering no  gorilla hands , 

re check whenits been on for a week 


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