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GT6 mk2


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i have been restoring a mk2 and have pretty much done the rolling chassis and have moved onto the body and there are a few things I could do with!


The panel at the bottom of the front scuttle is corroded on both sides and I don’t think you can buy them. Does anybody have any from an old bulkhead they might have? I have included a picture in case my explanation is poor🤪.

i also need a couple of good doors. The ones I have have been chopped around by the PO and have gaps all around when on the car - some of it is the poorly fitted sills but if I had good doors at least I would have a starting point.


I’m new to this forum so thank you in advance and hope my rumblings make sense!




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Could I suggest that you look at the jademuttley GT6 rebuild youtube series No. 7 which shows the front bulkhead and N/S A post repair it covers the panel you refer to.

I enjoyed the series and being in OZ where the tin worm isn't as prevalent we always look in awe  at the basket cases you in the northern hemisphere  are prepared to take on!


Triumph GT6 MK2 Restoration Part 7 Replacing A post - YouTube.msg

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