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Vitesse Mk1 Convertable outrigger replacement

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Hello all,


After some serious thought (and a failed MOT) I've decided to replace all 6 outriggers and the outside bar that they bolt to. I've ordered the parts of James paddock but was wondering of the best way to tackle the job.


I'm going to do one side at a time (body on), would it be ok to cut off all three outriggers from the chassis and then weld on the new ones? I'm just thinking that the body may sag and would I need to support it ?


I've only had the car 4 months and it's all running fine and everything works apart from the bodged chassis which I want to get right.


Any top tips/info greatly appreciated, lining up bolts or what part to fit first etc.


Kind regards



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Take many many measurements, especially the rear outrigger where it bolts to the rear suspension. Get that wrong and you will have big problems! ideally sit it so that you may need to add extra shims to correct the rear tracking, otherwise you will have to shorten the tie rod itself (had to do that once on a herald I bought)


All the  dimensions are in the manual, but it may be worth doing them one at a time so you keep reference points. And yes, support the body and check the body mounts as you go. 


Next issue is assuming you are leaving the body on, is how to weld the top edge. The factory work-around was to weld an additional plate to the top of the rigger, and then weld that to the inside edge of the chassis rails, if that makes sense.

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Many thanks Clive, I'm thinking of replacing the centre one first to support the body before I do the front and rear. That way I can get the end bar on and use as a guide also after bolting to the body.

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both body tubs can be off in about a hour , then all is accessible


its when you refit a 50 yr wonky body to a straight  chassis that that packers in bulk are needed,


and with the tubs off you can inspect the base of the a posts etc which are often much worse than you envisage 



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