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Coolant temperature sensor

Ian Hughes

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My engine temp gauge has started reading 120f and wont go higher. The engine runs fine. 

When I went to check the sensor I realised it has a Smith's "mechanical" sensor and gauge, obviously changed at some point in the past. 

I removed the sensor and popped the end into a boiling kettle and the gauge still only rose to 120f. The oil pressure is working fine.

I was a little surprised that you have to buy the whole unit at fair expense. 

I wanted to ask, is there anything else I can check on this gauge setup, and can I change it over to the correct unit for a 1972 GT6? 

I am grateful for any information out there.


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I had one of them on my Vitesse until I changed the engine and discovered just how badly rusted in the sender was. So I replaced it with the original spec. sender and electric gauge. I didn't even have to meddle with any wiring because the original bits of loom were still there, though "your mileage may vary" on that. Senders are easy to get, original type gauges less so but have a hunt around.

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