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GT6 throttle return spring

Ian Cooper

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Hi, assembling my 1970 GT6 from boxes that haven't been opened for 12+ years and I can't find a throttle return spring and the little connecting rod it's supposed to hook onto. Rimmers list as 'no longer available', anyone have any suggestions and also I can't find any reference as to what the spring connecting rod attaches to at the bottom? I have all of the throttle linkages etc., it's just the spring and wire connecting rod I'm trying to replicate.

Many thanks if you can help.


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It attached to the chassis there's a hole cut to allow you to hook the connecting rod.

I'm afraid they are hens teeth to find and I've never been able to f8nd an equivalent.  Your best place is specialist breakers like Spitfire graveyard 

good Luck



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Lots of cars used them, and some still do. I'm assuming it's a the Mk3 GT6, part number 159763?

If anyone can supply a good photo or dimensions of the original then any good Motorfactors should have an equivalent; it's really only a spring with hooked ends, one long enough to reach around the chassis - as in the photo - and when I found the Mk1 accelerator very light I nipped into town and bought a heavier one straight off the shelf. Earlier GT6 had a shorter spring with a metal rod, bent in an 's' shape, to make up the length required, so it shouldn't be hard to duplicate the assembly.




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