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TSSC fuel pipe bending tool


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Hi Folks,

Now I’m over the steel vs Aluminium fuel tank hiatus, I’m clearly going to fit all new fuel lines. The Automec kit, I know to be fitted to length. but there may be some bend tweaks to be encountered. Does anyone have anything to say about the suitability of the Club pipe bending tool, pipe please?

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Fiddly, bends copper but struggles with kunifer, and the plastic formers drop off if it gets worn. You can make quite tight curves with it, but it can be sore on the fingers as it's just metal with no padding for the grips. It does the job; for a one-off use it's fine but there are other tools and pliers that are more comfortable to use.


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Yep, got one of those and the curves are perfect, but it takes a small version to give you a really tight bend. You can't replicate a tight U-shape so easily with the hand-held TSSC version and certainly not as easily on kunifer. However being a close relative of Ebenezer  I'd rather pay THIS for it:


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