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Vitesse MK1 aluminium bumpers

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What have people found to be the best solution/ method of removing scuff marks, quite bad ones at that, from an aluminium bumper on a MK1 Vitesse please?  Doesn't matter too much I suppose but it's the rear centre section which are hard to come by in decent second hand condition!



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The other alternative (as mentioned recently on another thread) would be to do any necessary repair work to the bumpers yourself to remove as many surface imperfections as you can, then take them to your nearest vehicle wrap specialist to get a quote. Vehicle wrap films come in a huge range of colours and finishes, so if they had a satin chrome finish that could offer a solution. If they can wrap an entire car then I'm sure that some bumpers would be pretty easy in comparison. I've no idea what the costs would be, but maybe worth a few phone calls?


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