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Gt6 mk2 steering wheel

Mark B

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Hi all

My gt6 mk2 has always had an after market steering wheel fitted in my ownership. I've seen various photos of different mk2's some seem to be flat, and appear the same as fitted to early mk4 Spitfire's, others look dished with black plastic finishers covering the spokes. Can anyone confirm the correct style wheel that would have originally been fitted to the Mk2, or if the same type was ever fitted to the Spitfire. I know the later mk4, 1500 Spit has a larger spline so would be no good. I wouldn't mind reverting to the correct type if one came up for sale. Thanks.


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According to John Thomason's Guide to Originality, early Mk2 wheels were unique to the car, a 15" same as on the TR5 but the spokes covered in matt black; later cars after the facelift at KC75000 used the same as the Mk3 Spitfire only with better padding, which to be honest looks the same as the Mk3 GT6...

I can't find a single photo on the Net but can scan the book if you want?

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