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1360 bonnet brackets


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Evening All 

looking under my bonnet today I noticed a couple of brackets with nothing attached.

The car has been completely stripped, repaired and rebuild by 2 different people so I don’t recall what was originally fitted to them.

Some cars seem to have the horns fitted to them and some a strengthening plate. Is there a single correct answer or are both options factrey.





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That's where the support bracket goes; looks like you're missing at least one - part numbers 9 and 10 in the attached. They're welded to the bonnet as additional supports; yours looks to have been rebuilt - and resprayed - without any. If you can get a pair - they'll have to be cut off another bonnet or else remanufactured - you can glue them on with some of today's wonder adhesives thereby removing the need to weld and damage the paintwork.




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