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Stromberg on GT6

Graham C

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Every year after storing my GT6 I have running problems with my stromberg, similarly my Spitfire running on SU very little problem.

The question is this normal for stromberg, should I have them refurbished and by whom, or convert to SU carbs and again which ones?

Just get feed up with running problems and having them returned every year.

Last two years has been popping on de acceleration last year retuned and ran fine this year back to same problem.


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popping sound more like lean and air getting i   do they have temperature compensators on the side

there is no reason any carb whatever make or design should  need endless twiddling 

so something variable is happening apart from wear and tear , this could e throttle spindle wear allows weak on decelerations


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Strombergs are normally reliable. Fitting SUs to a GT6 is difficult,  due to the lack of under-bonnet clearance. The only option if you really want SUs is the short dashpot HS6 fitted to Dolomite Sprints. They need special adaptors to fit the  GT6 manifold and are over-sized for a standard 2 litre engine, really only suitable for tuned 2 litre engines or 2.5 litre conversions.

I would suggest getting your Strombergs overhauled by Andrew Turner:


Though he majors on SU, he can also refurbish Strombergs,  and has an excellent reputation. When refitting the carbs, take great care to ensure there are no air leaks between carbs and cylinder head. Fit new flange gaskets to the carbs with a smear of silicone on both sides of the gaskets. Replace the manifold gasket if there's any doubt about its condition. 


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i have always used  carburetor exchange  local to me in leighton buzzard  http://www.carbex.demon.co.uk/

small operation good value  

dont just go for bling 

is there any rock/lift /float on the throttle spindles , the shaft generally weras more than the bore 

if the bore  is worn then it does need line boring and bushes fitted, 

some do have replaceable bushed already fitted 



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Thank you everyone who replied, bite the bullet and took them to Andrew Turner, only 45 mins from me. He has overhauled them, look like new. Really good job.

All parts clean and zinc plated plated parts replaced with newly plated ones. All internals replaced with new.

Temp compensationon cleaned and reset, both found to be stuck open.

Andrew is a very knowledgeable person and very helpful. Provide good instructions on setting them up on the car. Had a really good chat about old suppliers and swooped stories.

So with wear and the temp compensation being open never would have sorted these out.

So now I have lovely clean carbs in a dirty engine bay, next job?


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