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A Herald special in Oz

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Neil R is in Melbourne, NSW, and has been posting on The Triumph Experience, the US message board.    This is his project, which he thinks is a one-off, but clearly was made by a skilled GRP worker, to go onto a Herald chassis.   He's been looking for body parts to fit to it - Herald windscreen, tick, rear window from Peugeot 203, tick, but MGB tail lights don't really fit!    See: https://www.triumphexp.com/forum/herald-and-vitesse-forum.23/fibreglass-sports-car-body-for-a-herald.1717618/

To me, the body has an Jag E-type influence.    Can anyone identify it, to help him?


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It could be based on the JPR Wildcat replica, most of which were based on Ford running gear with a tubular chassis; it all depends on how much modification or construction the GRP worker actually did.

I know there were both Challenger and Wildcat replicas but they've folded for some years now due to lack of demand.

The bonnet looks very Vincent Hurricane, though.

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It's deffo. not a Challenger. The first Challenger was Ford based and the second was XJ6. I clearly remember the first & still have brochure for second - I was young and had delusions of ... something or other.

Cheers, Richard

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