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Fitting new weather seals to Vitesse doors


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I need to fit new outer weather seals to both doors of my 1967 Vitesse 2 litre. Can it be done without removing the glass etc ? Some one told me that there is a special tool to make the job easier. Any advise would be much appreciated.

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its done with glass in OK

you need a sheet metal folded to hold the clip with enough above the door to make a hand hold


always tie a cotton around the clips so when they depart nto the dorr or fly across the garage you can retrieve it


the trick is get the clip a nice tight fit in the hook, start at the catcth end  with the glass down slide the hook with its clip along the door glass gap  and with 6 pairs of hands , hold the strip down  pull the clipup

 look carefully to see you have the clip overlapping the door flange and the seal rubber.


then with seal down and hook pulled up with the 'other' hand place a bit of wood on the seal and while the pressing and pulling are in motion use the next other hand to tap the seal down as its pulled up


there its easy


some after market clips are hopless and may need spreading to fit the new seals which may be thicker than the removed 




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Good evening, you can do this easily with a home-made tool. You need  a (spare) Jubilee clip (worm-drive hose clip), 2" or bigger, open it right up and straighten it out, bend the end over with pliers and have a play with the pliers to get it to be a decent fit on the clip. A decent size blob of grease will hold the clip in place while you lower it in to the door, position it and lift it to engage the clip. The first job I did on my spit!

You'll manage!

Best regards, Derek.

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