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I thought it might be an idea to list any fleabay dealers who have been reported to sell decent parts or give good service etc or who are known to us, but have an id which is not generally obvious. Please add any that you come across and I will edit them into the first post.

I will start off by pinching the info from previous posts (this is for info only an not a recommendation)...

Dealer.. Robsports     ID.. numpty9 (thanks KevinR) for spares

Dealer.. MEV Spares     ID..  jumblemaster (thanks Colin Lindsay) for spares

Dealer.. Classic Parts Trader   ID.. ifs_13 (thanks Colin Lindsay) for spares

Dealer.. Chic Doig    ID..948s (thanks DanMi) for spares

Dealer.. Spalding Fasteners.  ID.. spalding_fasteners (badwolf) for Imperial bolts etc

Dealer..Richard Symonds.  ID.. Classic25351 (thanks Richard) Misc spares


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