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KYK711D - Late 1966 Vitesse 1600/6 - Positive or Neg Earth

martyn wright

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the Herald /Spit/Vit6 WSM   states its positive earth ,  there is  a date for the herald change  

well my 64 vit6 was def  neg earthed  maybe it was swapped ??

there is a note that neg earth introduced 1200 herald march 68

mk3 spit neg and 13/60 all neg 

there is no qualifying note about the Vitesse 6 , the wiring diagram shows it as pos earth  

Jonny is right the terminals should be large for pos  and a bit smaller dia for the neg battery posts 

so that should guide you   providing someone has not forced and spread the clamps you  are not supposed to be able to get it Wrong 



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