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Front Body Assembly (Valance?) Triumph GT6 Mk1

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Hi all 


Starting to pick up on small things with the car now ! I have noticed that the distance between the front wheel arch and the tyre is slightly less on the drivers side (5mm or so). Looking at where the front body assembly is bolted to the chassis on either side - its not in the same position (See attached Pics)


Should it be aligned to the chassis so the top does not show?


The bonnet gap at the top is also slightly different from the near to the offside as well so I am asssuming I have a straight chassis here Offside :








The top picture is unfortunately at a slight angle, the black frame in front of the red body is actually the bottom of the frame section, it is aligned to the frame


Which is the right position?



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Some of us with a Mk1 would dream of 5mm differences!  More seriously, Pete is right and you should aim for an overall effect that provides a 'best fit'.  You may, or may not, have a fully straight chassis/front cross member and the panels may, or may not, still be the correct shape.  After all these years it would not be surprising for the odd change to have occurred.


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