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Different suspension

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Hi Folks

Just getting around  to looking at front suspension in new car. On the right side there appears to be a grease nipple for the trunnion but also one at the top of the suspension? 

The left side foes not have the grease nipple at the top of the suspension and does not have one at the bottom either. Where the grease nipple at the bottom should be is a hex nut. 

The top two photos are the right hand side

Any thoughts? Please see attached photos





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some top ball joints are supplied with a nipple to re grease as a service item some are not  allegedly this is  sealed for life  ...questionable

track rod ends are also available with/without nipples

some may say a nipple can allow water in if the small ball doesnt seal, 

i have always replaced the hex plugs with nipples and oiled or greased ,and left the nipples in place .

the  trunions must be oiled with ep90 or 140  never greased 

there is also a plug on the rear drive shaft housing  ( non rotoflflex)  this is greased  not oiled 

one reason some have two grease guns on for oiling  one for greasing

so oil trunions ep90 GL4 same as gearbox and diff .

grease  rear hubs , steering rack , any ball joint thats greasable, propshafts , drive shafts ( if greaser is fitted or can be fitted)

grease front hubs just the bearings (no nipples or plugs) dont fill the hub cavity that just traps heat 







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I leave them in place on the suspension but put a rubber cover in place (the covers can also be used on brake nipples to stop dust & dirt getting in).

Plenty on eBay - example:-


I'm sure they are available from many other suppliers.

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