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Best body filler?


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I have, on recommendation, been using upol fantastic (base coat), followed by upol dolphin (medium grade), then upol 'dolphin glaze' (very fine - not to be confused with upol dolphin). All very easy to apply and work. Very good finish. Applied on bare metal. I did have a problem due to expected wet coditions on my bare metal bonnet, so applied 2k primer as protection. Then had to rub back to bare metal again, where filler was needed and deal with on a 'spot' basis but it has gone on great and after spot priming the filler/profiled areas, there appears to be no problems.

Which ever filler/profilers you use, I would recommend keeping with one brand and even if keeping to one brand, make sure of the compatibily of the fillers within that brand. I believe that (for example) that upol do a complete range of 'dolphin' products and that all the 'dolphin' range are compatible with each other but have not researched this fully so please check.

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