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GT6 MK3 Petrol cap vent.

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Hiya, my fuel cap has a vent hole with an attachment for a tube, the car did not have a tube fitted when I got the car and fuel could be smelt in the cabin. Do I need to run a tube through the boot floor and if so do I need to fit a one way valve?. 


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The photos below show the two pipes and routing on my MkIII when it was being taken apart for respray.  From memory there was a larger pipe that ran down from the bottom of the fuel filler and out through the rear valance next to the front bolt of the bumper mount (fuel drain). The smaller diameter pipe (air vent) ran from the spigot on the fuel filler up behind the rear quarter trim, down by the rear lights around the fuel tank.  It is secured to the floor by bent metal clips around the front of the fuel tank and then exits through the large hole towards the centre of the boot floor.  It goes out through a right angled rubber fitting through a grommet into a short length of larger diameter pipe that had its end cut at an angle as per the Canley parts diagram.



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