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The technical directory its in down loads below

Pete Lewis

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all the down to earth techy specs for pretty much the whole car range is included in the downloads below the main forum topics

the first 40 pages are  where techy topics are to be found in your courier magazine, from page 40 onwards is all your tyre pressures and specs timing, tappets spark plugs all in model order filled with all the day to day fodder you need 


on the past web site it was separated but the only file to load is as you see down below in the download section


some will be able to search page numbers some will have to print preveiw to get at a 'particular' page

but its the basic specs.  you need 


  go on ....have a  browse  


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Anyone actually tried to use the Technical Directory?  I mean online, as a memeber might, not from TSSC Towers?

Becaue it doesn't work.  OR its most important function, "Find" doesn't.

The Directory is so vast that 'browsi it in searcha specific article is like searching Shakespear for a quote when you don't know which play, let alone act or scene.

Right click to bring up the window of useful PDF commands, left click on "Find", enter the search word(s) and then "Next".  Normally, away goes the programme and shows you each instance where that word or words appear.  Very useful!   But it just freezes in page 2, and nothing happens when it should tell you within seconds that those words don't appear, or shows you them if they do.


I'll admit that it might, just might, be my steam-powered, XP-running, ten year old PC that's letting me down,but it would be good to know that, so will someone else, please search for the Articles, a series of four, entitled "Suspensions Sussed"?  If they can find them, tell me where please?   I have the Courier DVD and given the reference can re-read those excellent articles.




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Ive dumped  the 'drives you mad'  window 8  I was stuck with  and loaded Linux Mint,  does just what it says on the tin ,  it actually works like a PC.


many additional  equipment need  bit of a search to get them to operate but with  help from Andy Mac. one of my trusty locals have got just about everything working, so goodby microsoft ..for good.



I cant select a page number   (yet) from any mouse click but if i select to print and select a page from there, but it loads and will scroll all pages pretty much instantly


so maybe your box of buttons is having a bad hair day ...need a pc guru to explain all this stuff.



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Any failure of the search function is due to the configuration of the computer being used to view the file, and not the file itself.


I've opened the Technical directory from three separate PCs, with mixed results. 


1. Windows XP home, Internet explorer 8, Acrobat Reader X.

Opens and searches with no problem at all.


2. Windows XP Pro, Internet explorer 8, Acrobat Reader XI.

Opens, but search fails. 

When I save the file and open it directly in Acrobat reader XI, the search function works fine


3. Windows 7 Enterprise, internet explorer 8, Acrobat XI (the full system)

Opens and searches with no problems at all.


There are minor config differences between the three machines, and I suspect that the reason that the XP Pro machine fails to search properly is due to one of the acrobat installation settings designed to protect the security of the machine.

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Thnaks, Kevin.

I fear that confirms how decrepit is my PC.  I need a new one.


You didn't find the article I wanted , did you?


Suspensions Sussed :


Couriers 158, page 27 (Aug 93), 159 page 78 (Sept 93), 160 page 62 (Oct 93), 162 page 14 (Dec 93) 

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