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Gt6 diff rebuild

Alex Lowe

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So I am in the process of re doing all the seals in my mk3 diff. Now I am changing the drive shaft bearings as the old ones get a bit ruined having to remove them for the seals with a bit of force and heat. How ever whilst the diff is opened is it worth changing the carrier bearings (I do have some timkin ones of the correct size lying about) or is this something best left alone. If it is worth me doing is there anything I should be looking out for or doing especially?

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unless you have some experience of setting crown wheel backlash and bearing pre loads i would seriously leave it all well alone 

as changing these bearings will upset all the settings   

maybe check the sun and planet thrust washers   

a simple read of the manuals  will give you the basics of what you need to do to reset the diff case bearings and mesh backlash 

not for any diy work without  some sound basic knowledge of diffs  

do the output shafts   leave the rest alone  



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