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ID'ing an engine number....


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Hi all.

I have a 1971 Mk4 Spitfire which had a replacement engine fitted some years ago.

Just trying to ID the engine number just to see what it came out of in the 1st place.

Also trying to suss out the TDC marker so we can get it timed up correctly.

All it has is a pointer and not the plate marking out the TCD +/-


The number is: ( i think.) UUECLJ061


Any ideas ?.

I guessing it was prob re-stamped by the company that re-furb'd it perhaps ?.




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Useful list of Triumph engine numbers here: http://www.triumphspitfire.com/enginenumbers.html


The number you list just isn't in the usual format of two letters and then numbers, and "UU" isn't one of the two letters, so a rebuilder's number more like.

But if the number is in the usual place, then they must have overstamped it.   Can you see any trace of what it was before?  Could that first letter be a 'G' from the Herald series?



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