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  1. It's okay Bresco list them now.
  2. Thanks very much Chris, a great help, could you let know the length under the floor. Thanks again
  3. Does anyone know of a source for the 2 ball studs which secure the spare wheel floor. All the online sites aren't helpful with dimensions,making it tricky to know what to go for . Or can anyone supply the sizes so I can get some turned up.?
  4. Google Livedale foam in Wigan, I use them for my business .they can supply cut to size foam in any thickness you want. If it's for your seat base I would suggest the firm white grade maybe 1 - 1.5 inches or so thick.
  5. Thanks again sounds like a promising route to pursue,it will be a winter job but will report back in due course. Cheers Brett
  6. Thanks chaps, yet another job to add to the list.
  7. Thanks Colin the oil level is correct ,I checked it when I filled the diff, it is the solenoid that comes and goes ,as I said it doesn't click when hot but does as it cools, I'm wondering about wiring with the gearstick as there seems to be a possible issue with the amount of movement .
  8. My 3 year-old solenoid stops throwing when hot but 30 minutes after driving clicks away happily in the garage. Is this heat related or a coincidence? Particularly annoying as I've just taken the car off axle stands after a diff change .
  9. I concur with richhl,25kg.heavy old lump to fit even with the trolley jack. If you going to fit one check the width of the rear support brackets, mine had been marginally crushed making it an in, out and back in after easing the brackets a little.
  10. Thanks Pete, that's what I thought ,just wondering if they should be tighter as there is a witness of wear marks on the two front studs.
  11. Despite searching I cannot find a torque setting for the four nuts securing the spring to the diff ,anybody know the definitive setting?
  12. Thanks for that, I was thinking about a sack of coal.
  13. I'll soon need to send my diff in px for a rebuilt one, all carriers want to know the weight. Anybody know?
  14. Thanks ,I know my plan of action now,as you say nothing fits anyway.I just want to get my doors aligned. Cheers Brett
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