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mike papworth

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i rang mr papworth for some advice and a quote for a gearbox for my 13/60 and was asked to send him an email which i did nearly a week ago but have received no response.

has anyone else had problems communicating with him?.



Yes but stick at it. He's aways very busy but does a first class job in my experience.

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I have and can reliably rebuilt and converted many boxes but wanting a 18mm spigot on the mainshaft

I took my 4 sync off the Vit6 and visited mike for a rebuild and he has the stock , the ability and top guy

firmly recommended, gets my vote


drop him anorther mail as a gentle jog, you never know if a mail without a receipt request has actualy

arrived and not dived into the black hole of wonderous technology.


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Fear not John, I yield to no-one in my respect for Mike and his work, but he has substantially re-engineered the rather marginal original product to make it work properly. Stick 120 brake through a standard Herald or spit box or diff and you had better bring a dustpan and brush!


Season's greetings, and have a great holiday. By the way, I noticed today that Kit Car magazine (which we take here in college as part of my programme to introduce our students to proper Fred Dibnah back-yard mechaniking) is produced by Silverback productions. Are you running a sideline?


Best regards


Steve C

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