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Another worn mainshaft tip...


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Hi there,

look at the tip of my mainshaft (GT6+, D-type O/D): see attached.

It's pretty worn, isn't it?

What shall I do with it?

  1. sand it?
  2. replace with NOS?
  3. replace with a new one? 

I guess NOS would be preferable but hard to find. How about the other options? Somebody followed these routes?

thanks in advance





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Hi, yes Im afraid that is bad and quite unusual as Ive never seen one look like that before! Its very unlikely you can find NOS now and any used shaft will now be worn as well so theres really just two options left.

Buy a new one, possibly from Bastuck in Germany, but be careful its dimensions are within the specification as shown in the workshop manual.

Get the tip machined so a sleeve can be fitted for a new needle roller bearing to run on.

However a lot depends on your input shaft having a good internal bearing surface?

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