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TR7 Heater Help


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Does anyone have any experience with TR7 heater control malfunctions?

The right hand lever feels disconnected/loose at the top and then refuses to go to the bottom, seems to veer to the right.
The left hand lever will go as far as fan speed 1 but no further.

All feels mechanical, as if the two levers are colliding or derailed and it doesn’t seem obvious how to get to the mechanism behind the dash.

Any suggestions gratefully received.





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Easy to get at; the TR7 dashboard and console is only held on with large self-tapping screws so all can be easily removed. The heater controls pull off; after that you just unscrew the heater surround and it will lift off. The heater controls are then exposed on the side of the heater box so you can see any problems very clearly.

DSCF6007.jpg.63b7f58915d7edbbe0598f234964a99c.jpg  DSCF5904.jpg.69c19d1502f3cc04806739abdbeb566d.jpg

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