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Spitfire / Vitesse Magnolia Instruments


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Just idle curiosity here. I spotted what looks to be a Mk1 Spitfire speedo (or possibly Vitesse?) on eBay, interestingly in magnolia. 
There’s another example showing up too that has been, well, vandalised with silver spray paint. However, the numbers showing up through the overpainting on that one would indicate it was also magnolia faced at some point. 

Now the one in the photo above I’d say looks like it is either original, or a pretty high quality period conversion. I’ve never come across any suggestion that these type of clocks were offered in magnolia, so wondered if anyone else knew if they were an original option or had seen any before?

Incidentally there’s a fellah in Denmark who has made up some sets of Spitfire clocks in magnolia which look pretty swish if anyone is inclined to fit a set. Had a chat with him when I was building rev counters and considering printing faces, but COVID got in the way of my plans there a bit.

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1 hour ago, Colin Lindsay said:

That one may be from an early Herald coupe; certainly looks the same, but may have been used on other models of the time, knowing Triumph.


Ah that’ll be it, thanks Colin. I knew the really early cars had magnolia instruments, but I thought they were the same single gauge style as the 1200. 

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