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Gt6 magenta

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Hi just joined the club recently as I acquired a gt6 project barn find

 The engine even though stood for a while fired straight up (had to rebuild the starter motor clean points change oil) but it sounded great.

 The clutch was seized and the clutch slave and master shot. So the engine had to come out. 

So fitted new clutch, new slave and master cylinder so. Clutch is all new.

Also brake's where seized so got the brake's fully redone new wheel cylinders. Recon calipers. New master.

So brake's now new.

Also the paint work was totally fadded so needed a full repaint.

The interior has always been good so ok with that.

Got the car to the half penny green avent all ran great halfpenny green was a great place to go


















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Well done. How long did that take? In hours and overall,

Sharing time between Motorhome, modern car, house maintenance and the classic has been difficult. Just done work on old Hi-Fi too in order to check over 1000 vinyl LP's and 3000 singles. Only done 20 so far.

Long forgotten singles found in my brother's vast collection.

May be worth finding a car record player just for the fun of it. A mate of mine had one fitted in his Morris 1100 in the 1960's. It wrecked records due to the pressure required to prevent skipping.

Anyone want some for a Juke Box.

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