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Outline shape of Herald convertible rear seat backboard?

Colin Lindsay

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6 minutes ago, Josef said:

I guess given that seat pan area rots out commonly, it’s water creeping up the hardboard and disintegrating that too. 

Interestingly you've given me an idea... there are two types: the one in Peter's photo is the earlier. The other and I presume later has no lower 'extensions', just a raised curve in the centre. I wonder if this was to keep it out of the lower parts of the tub where water gathered and so caused damage?



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Interesting my multi bottom cut out profile was copied from a friend's 1969 Vitesse Mk2 Convertible therefore assumed to be the later type? now there is nothing to say it's original as the car was brought as a restoration in progress & there are only a handful Mk2 Vitesse's in Australia, All Vitesse's here were personnel imports.

My early 1961? Herald CV rear tub, ex CKD local assembly but with no rust came sans the rear seats. 

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40 minutes ago, Colin Lindsay said:

Excellent, especially the measurements - many thanks!! Incidentally, I think the panel flares out slightly so as to be wider at the bottom, certainly of the padded area if not lower?

I think the difference is up to an Inch?. But it`s now back in it`s bag in the garage roof space!.

I actually went up there for a suitcase full of kid`s books, belonging my son, and had to move it and several other items to get at it. He wants me to get his Daughter to sort them out??? Kid`s!!!. SWMBO has been on about it for weeks. Why all of a sudden?,he`s been in the USA for 18 years?, who knows. Anyway, job done and "we" got something out of it!.


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