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Front coil Spring not sitting Straight

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Couldn't find any previous discussion about this.

I have just fitted one of my original Herald coil springs to a SPAX damper, and the bottom of the spring wont sit down fully on the lower spring plate on the damper (see blue arrow) meaning once it is compressed up and installed, the spring has a bend in it rather than being parallel with the damper as it was on the old Woodhead damper.

The coned bit of the lower spring plate seems a bit too wide for the inner diameter of the spring.

Anyone had this before, and know the best way to correct it?




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There are similar pictures on other threads, but I cannot find them either. If the spring is a used one, it will have some distortion 'Memory' due to being compressed on one side more than the other. You could try rotating it 90 degrees. Also, are you able to grind the bottom so that it will fit in the cap? If you can, check how it sits under normal load, it may not be a problem.

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I'm rather surprised there is no rubber / polybush anti-vibration / anti-noise pad between the spring and the damper..   On the TR's we have them both top and bottom, both front and rear springs.  They are available in different thicknesses to effect ride height.  

The springs are always bent anyway - because the top chassis mount's angle is fixed, and the bottom swings through an arc, as the wishbone pivots.

Otherwise I'm with Wagger, just turn them around until they sit as flat to the surface as possible and then let the springs take the shape when they are compressed.   If that cannot be done, then have the gap closest to the engine. Don't bother trying to grind them level, that small amount will be taken up when the springs compressed and will never be felt by the driver. 


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Thanks All.

I am hope it will go away, but as recommended, I might rotate the spring so that when the top plate levels out on the turret it land in an optimal place and reduces the bend on the spring.

I kept the original springs from 1965 as the car is low(ish) mileage and the springs were straight before on the original dampers and were still straight when i took them off the dampers.

It might be a month or so before I can put all the suspension and wheels back so will have to be patient.


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