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Vitesse Offside Ride Height


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the Ride height of my Vitesse MK2  on the  rear passenger side wheel arch is lower than the drivers side by about 20mm plus the passenger side door is higher than the rest of the body  

Today i had a look there are no spacers on the chassis rail extender...does this mean if i add spacers will it fix the uneven ride height and wonky door issue and how easy would it be to do this 

many thanks in advance

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If the ride height difference is verified there must be some reason for it and I would have thought the rear spring might be the culprit. It could have lost tension one side or have a broken leaf?

The door should be a separate issue and that can be corrected by adjusting its hinges and lock catch plate. However I would get the former problem done first as it might make some difference to door alignment.... 

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one check to prove a lean is jack the front in the centre of the engine Xmember   does the back lean   thenn jack from the rear in the centre of the diff Xmember does the front lean

this will let you know if the lean is where you think it is  as it often the opposite end to the lodgic  

if the front is showing a lean disconnect the anti roll bar  they can affect ride heights if overly bent 

body mounts can be any many as needed  when you are aligning a 50 yr wonky body ona 50 yr wonky chassis  so one rubber pad a nd as many solid spaers as needed to

get doors and wing heights close 


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