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Headlight cowl gap


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Yep, the cowl goes over the top. I just wondered if somehow there's some way it clamped everything together.

I thought the 3 fixings per side were present but now you've got me thinking.. I will check that. At the moment it's like there's nothing fixing it in place along the top edge.

And thanks Pete for the Canley link - I just couldn't find it earlier.

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1 hour ago, DJB350Z said:

At the moment it's like there's nothing fixing it in place along the top edge.

I don't think there's very much holding the top edge, as the bolts are all lower down. It possibly hooks on the edge of the headlamp bowl, though.

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Getting cowls to fit nicely, or even reasonably, can entails hours of undiluted joy (!).

There are three screwed fasteners, all 7/16 unf: • outer lower corner which is a stud • inner face, short bolt/screw • underside, short bolt/screw. These three tend to 'compete' against each other as tightened and tug the cowl around. So a part of fitting is to 'balance' the tightness of these three for the bext position - gorilla tight is not needed.

On the top inner face of the cowl there should be two rebated mouldings (yellow unit, purple arrows). These should clip over the lip of the headlamp bowl quite firmly. Thus good fitting of the cowl presupposes that the bowl is seated in its aperture well. As the three threaded fasteners are tightened they should lock the cowl onto the lip.

That's the theory. It gets difficult when there have been more-or-less accurate repairs in the headlamp area. In such cirsumstances improvisation will be needed, for example embiggening the holes with a needle file or packing the headlamp bowl to sit sqaure. Or in the case of my GT6 having to file some metal off the inside face.

(Worth checking the the headlamp bowl is correct i.e metal with the lip. And not say 'Mini' type plastic bowl with no lip)



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