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Odd Ticking From Diff Area

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Out in the Sixfire the other week I rounded a tight left hander and a road speed related ticking noise started from the nearside rear. Got home and removed the back wheels to inspect the drive train. Nothing untoward found so I scratched my head and was casually rotating the offside brake drum when I heard a faint tick, tick. Close examination revealed the nearside exhaust hanger hook had rusted through and broken away from its U bolt. The hanger was dangling adjacent to the prop shaft flange and making contact with the securing bolts as they rotated.

Slackened off the U bolt and undid the chassis mounting bolt to remove the hanger which I then repaired by drilling out the rivets which held the broken metal hook. I made a new hook out of a bit of stainless (ex-washing machine back cover) I had lying around and secured that to the strap with a pair of M8 Allen head bolts. Put it all back together and the back end is once more as quiet as a mouse. It sometimes pays to investigate thoroughly and there's a lot of pleasure in mending something yourself.

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the one thing many off us on here try to float ideas to help the commotions of classic fun and tears  

it all helps  

the  rule is     L T W M               LOOK              THINK              AVOID the Wallet and   best  Avoid the MYTHS 


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