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Gearbox Cover - Vitesse

Paul H

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The gearbox cover in my Vitesse saloon has always let in engine heat especially noticeable in the summer . On checking the fibreglass moulding it didn’t fit the curves in the floor on drivers side and there was a cutout for the diverter box so impossible to seal . So I’ve made a template and sealed to the floor and used rivenuts for a secure seal . The cutout for the diverter box has been sealed . Fitting was a pig though found that making all the holes in the cover oversize and using milk bottle caps as washers helped. No apologies for the pics as it doesn’t look very pretty but should keep most of the heat out now . To remove I have to remove the diverter box first which is not a problem . 





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I must have been lucky a friend and myself brought 2 fiberglass gearbox covers from the UK early 2000's neither of us had problems the top lip of the cover just slid in behind the heater distribution box, but the sealing flanges to the floors were terrible very uneven and twisted they had to e reprofiled.

Re the filler access a 2.5in hole accurately aligned and using a 1/2in sq end magnetised socket ensures easy removal and fitting

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