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Replacement Fuel Tank


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Good evening,

I have a 1969 Triumph Herald 13/60, the fuel tank is absolutely rotten beyond repair. I have been looking for a replacement however I am struggling to find one at all. I have found one from a 1961 Triumph Herald 1200 and I am wondering if it will be a straight swap? If anybody has any recommendations or knows where I can purchase a replacement that would be much appreciated. Pics for attention.

Many thanks


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fitchets make new tanks  they are herald capacity where as im sure the 13/60 is vitesse sized  

you loose the dreaded drain spout and the reserve lever on the outlet but non of those are really much use   we fitted one in my vitesse 6  and you gain 2 "or so in boot space 

oddly they dont list tanks in the courier advert   being old school you need to call them and ask 


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I'm always in the market for tanks, being one short at present, but S/H is a minefield in fact eBay had some recently that were rusted through or in poor condition. Options are to have yours reconditioned - I had a Vitesse tank reconditioned recently - or else buy new, which I am seriously considering doing once the entire range comes out. The smaller tank isn't really a drawback for a Herald, even my later 13/60 won't suffer much with a smaller tank fitted as I can't see me using anywhere near the capacity of a full tank. Make sure you get the correct one ie screw-fitted sender vs locking ring sender.

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