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KYK711D Vitesse 1600/6 Convertible 150CD Carns - Sync Air Flow Tool

martyn wright

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most flow gauges work well  what you have to take care with is not to obstruct the carb front face ports  or you block the air piston movements etc

there is no real need to use any gauges  too many myths about balancing.

disconnect the cross shafts , undo the idle screws and re tighten to just touch the casting  ,,,screw in 1.5 turns on each carb  this sets the throttle plates to the same position 

remember thats how they were set to go on the assy line ( no high tech in those days ) just mechanically set the same 

same with mixtures  make sure the needls are set flush in the piston and measure or set the jets 3 turns  down from flush 

there will be small adjustments as the engine heats but this makes sure all are to the same balanced setting  with your eyes and ears 

I have had a carbsync for years  they are good the name carb syn is used on a variety of makes/designs 

mine is a simple 


Dual Carb Sync - Uni Syn Carburetor Synchronizer Weber Austin MG Jag Edelbrock - Picture 1 of 5

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3 hours ago, martyn wright said:

Was looking to purchase a Sync Carb Tool to Balance my Carbs!  Do they work?? 

Yes they do! I bought one before I had my carbs rebuilt. However if you follow Pete's procedure I found there to be no (or at most 1/10th of a turn) difference between both carbs. I used a vernier to measure the depth of the jet to bridge (I like to measure). It's a nice toy to have and it satisfied my curiosity but not really necessary providing you follow the rules and are careful. 


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