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KYK711D Vitesse 1600/6 Convertible - Front Overiders

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It is similar... with heat from a hair dryer you can get the vinyl to be almost like a fondant. Like I said, until i see it in the flesh I won't be sure if it is for me.

One thing I do know is the surface has to be spotlessly clean. Any little bumps, pimples etc will show up. It also does nothing for rust protection so it will continue to rust underneath...

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The cappings are galvanised which is why they last so well except for accidental scrapes. I think the choice is try to clean up any damage as best as possible and keep the galvanising OR take it all off to get a perfect surface but one which may look different and will also need much more regular polishing.

Of course re-galvanising might be an option but Ive never heard of it being done....

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